Monday, October 12, 2015

Tag You're It!!! Halloween Time

This is our Halloween Tag...... We haven't done one of our own yet so we hope we get a bit of participation on this tag.... 

1. Favorite Scary Book?

Jenn: I have a few favorites but the one that sticks with me that I love to recommend for those that like horror books is the Jasper Dent Series by Barry Lyga .... Its creepy its twisted its serial killer. 

Ash: Hide and Shriek by RL Stine- I read it as a kid and scared the crap out of me!

2. Thriller or Slasher?

Jenn: Thriller. I love thrillers... movies or books. I love thiller suspense and psychological thrillers and mystery thrillers. Love them all. 

Ash: I love them both and it depends on my mood but most the time I will go for classic slasher films and book. 

3.  Favorite Scary Movie

Jenn: I don't have many favorite scary movies.... I generally do thrillers and one of my most favorite psychological thrillers are The Others, Hide and Seek, and The Secret Window.

Ash: I love the original Nightmare on Elm Street. 

4.  Favorite Halloween costume you have worn or like to see others? 

Jenn- I liked the one in the picture above... Steampunk Bride of Frankenstein. It was fun and it turned out really well done. 

Ash: For me it was last years skeleton.... as shown in the picture too. 
I love to see anything horror or zombie related on others. 

5.  What will you be or would you be this year for Halloween?

Jenn: Well our plan was to do a superhero theme this year but it didn't work out ( I was going to be Scarlet Witch) sooo... last years costumes are being recycled. 

Ash: What I wanted to be was Iron Man but looks like I will be a skeleton again. 

6.  Haunted House or Haunted Hayride?

Jenn: Haunted Hayride. I like it in the open I am very claustorphobic. 

Ash: Haunted Hayride too. The idea of escape is possible on a hayride. In a Haunted House you are just kind of stuck there. 

7.  Your scariest Horror Villian?

Jenn: Stactic on the television really scares me. I snuck a peek at Poltergeist when I was a childe and the tv turned off then back on to static on its own... well that is what we thought happened. So ever since I hate static on the tv. 

I also hate Freddy Kruger... I just don't see any kind of escape from a baddy in nightmares. 

Ash: Pennywise from It. It made me hate clowns. 

8.  Do you still Trick or Treat?

Jenn: Yes of course.... I have a Grandchild I love to take. I would rather go to Halloween theme parties though.

Ash: Yes and even if I didn't have my son I would still go.

9. Favorite Halloween Candy?

Jenn: Candy Corn and Caramel Apple suckers. Yum Yum Yum....

Ash: The fun size chocolate bars. Not sure why they are called fun size, I don't think that less chocolate is more fun. 

10.  What are your Halloween traditions?

Jenn: I love to read creepy books and plan family group costumes. We always take Finn to the same pumpkin Patch too. 

Ash: Taking Finn trick or treating.... 30 days of Halloween... and the pumpkin patch of course. 

Play along if you like!

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