Saturday, October 13, 2012

24 Read-a-Thon Mini-Challenge: Book Puzzle

My Book Puzzle:  


Update on my Reading: I have been distracted alot and yes started to get tired. I I have not finished a book yet. I am 50 % done with Dead is a Killer Tune and 25% done with The Scarlet Omen. I am running slow but I am getting there!  

Hour 10 Challenge- Bookmark Challenge

I chose option 2 to post what I like to use as bookmarks. First off I am a bad doggie-ear person. If the book I am reading is my book to keep I doggie-ear and I make really large doggie-ears. If it is a book I borrowed or going to use as a giveaway I use bookmarks. I like to buy cute magnetic bookmarks
Cupcake i-clips Magnetic Bookmarks(these are the ones I am using right now, cute huh) 

 but I tend to loose them A LOT, so I grab whatever I see. I have been know to use my library card, postcards from magazines, junk mail, receipts, ticket stubs, whatever I can find nearby. 

So my updates.

I have started Sora's Quest and am 30 percent done. I am switching back and forth pretty good, ADD with books.
I hope to at least finish 2-3 books by the time I go to bed.
I am about to take a walk and start my audio of Back Dead Than Ever. 


  1. Um, I'm not sure on this puzzle, but I'm thinking "All the Broken Pieces" or something. Thanks for joining in the challenge and hope you enjoy the rest of your read-a-thon!

  2. I thikk it's All the broken pieces... Thanks for the challenge


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