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Tag You're It! Book Blogger Insider Tag

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1. Where do you typically write your blog posts?

Ash- So it just depends really. I sometimes just write my posts in a notebook. If I'm actually typing up the post, then it just depends on my mood. I use a laptop so I can post anywhere in the house. If it's just me I'll typically either sit on the couch in the loft, or on my bed in my room.
If I'm posting with Jenn (We like to spend some time together) then I'm on the couch in the den.
I also can post at work, so sometimes if we're slow I'll use the computers to post.

Jenn: In the den at my desk. In my den I have a desk, desktop computer, television, couch, coffee table. So I get the desk and Ash gets the couch... since she has the laptop. SometimesI write my reviews on break at work. I just type them up and email them to myself then I do the formatting once I get home. Depends what I feel like doing on break and if I am in the middle of a great book. 

2. How long does it generally take you to write a book review? 

Ash- I write my reviews in my notebook first, and that usually takes about half an hour, depending on the book. Then later I'll type it up. To actually type it up, takes a bit because of everything I add to it.

Jenn: Oh that is a loaded question. If I have to do start to finish with no notes and nothing pretyped about an hour. That is with the set up and the writing, and the editing, and then the posting. I try to format most of my reviews for the week over the weekend. This way I just go in and type or copy and paste from an email with the review, edit, match the formatting then publish or schedule. 

3. When did you start your book blog? 

Ash- Jenn started it quite a while back, I joined in April of 2015.

Jenn:  January 2012 I think. It's been a while. 

4. What is the worst thing about having a book blog in your opinion? 

Ash- The feeling that I absolutely have to post all the time. I love having a blog, I love sharing my bookish thoughts and such, but it's a lot of pressure sometimes. I feel like if I don't post something following a schedule (That I made... of course) that it's the end of the world and I tend to panic, if it's not done when I originally wanted it done.

Jenn: The feeling that no one cares if I post or not. I love posting, I love the process, and I love the community. I just am really insecure and think would anyone notice if I don't post for a while. I think when I went on a hiatus some poeple did notice. That made me feel better and what I did was read. So I jumped back in full blast.  I am still insecure about my reviews and posts.. the content and writing of them, at least I know they are being read though. :) 

5. What is the best thing about having a book blog in your opinion? 

Ash- The friends I've made! Being able to share my bookish thoughts, reviews, etc. And finding new people to connect with.

Jenn: Definitely the community. Being a part of something. I love that feeling. It's like family. I also love gabbing about books all the time too. It's my passion. 

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6. What blog post have you had the most fun writing so far? 

Ash- Uh, there's a video games vs. board games post we just did and I loved doing that one, also the zombie apocalypse book tag from last week. 

Jenn: honetly I love writing reviews. Discussion posts are fun becuase I do them with Ash. The same about tags. Tags are easier because the questions are there... but I feel I am just a review girl. I love talking about what I liked or didn't like about books and I love just gabbing about books. 

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7. What is your favorite type of blog post to write? 

Ash- I really really like tags. I love answering questions and this is just fun for me. I like reviews too for the most part. And weekly wrap ups make me really happy.

Jenn: I guess I kind of answered this already with the previous question. lol. So I will just say reviews and leave it at that. I also like delightful discoveries. I always love finding new books. 

8. When do you typically write? 

Ash- Usually in the morning before work, and then after work in the evening with Jenn. I sometimes blog at work, but I usually do a lot of blog hopping while at work.

Jenn: At night after dinner. I get home, pick up the house and watch a house decorationg show, eat dinner, clean kitchen, then I blog til about 9:30-10pm, then I go to bed and read til 11:30, then sleep. 

9. Do you review every book you read? 

Ash- No. I review MOST. But if I skimmed the book (Because it was boring or whatever) Or barely paid attention during the audio (There's been a few) then I won't review them. But I'd say I review like 8/10 books.

Jenn: No. I try to keep up with the YA books and Adult thrillers I read, any new releases. I don't read classics or non-ficion often so I don't really review those. I feel that with classics well you either have read them or have no deisre too. So what is left to say about them. Non fiction is just hard to review. I have no clue really what to say about a non fiction.  For the most part I try to review all books I read except for those few. 

10. How do you write your book reviews? With a cup of coffee or tea? With Netflix? Cuddled with your fur baby? 

Ash- It depends like I said. If I'm alone, I will usually put on a movie, or a show I'm binge watching. 
If with John, I'll sit cuddled up with him, usually while he listens to a book and plays video games. 
If I'm with Jenn, I sit on the couch, while she's at her desk, and our puppers will be in the den with us. We usually alternate between listening to music and watching TV.
And depending on the time of day/kind of day I had, I'll either always have a glass of wine, or an energy drink.

Jenn: Well my fur babies are always in the room with me. Groot, my 9 month old shepherd is at my feet. He has a particular spot he always lays curled up sleeping while I blog. If Ash is on the couch Luna, my 9 year old shepherd, is on the floor somewhere in the den. Usually right in front of desk. If ash is not here, like right now, she is on the couch sleeping. I just took pictures of the fur babies. 

here is some pics.... 


I generally have coffee or a diet coke and I have television on...unless Ash is here then she has music on. Sometimes the hubby will be on the couch playing some video games while I blog. This happens rarely though. I try to be done by the time he gets home so I can curl up and spend some time wiht him. 

11. When do you write your book reviews? Right after finishing the book? Two weeks after finishing the book? 

Ash- Within a few days of reading the book. I read too many books to wait too long, or else I lose exactly what I'm thinking about the book. So definitely within a few days.

Jenn:  I try to do them with in a week of finishing the book. I would love to do them as soon as I finish the book but that rarely happens. I don't like more than a week to go by. I read a lot of books during the week and I don't want to forget the feeling and and the details before I write the review. 

12. How often do you post?

Ash- Daily. I usually do a bunch of posts for the week at once, so I don't really have to stress about it, but we make sure there are multiple posts daily.

Jenn: We post daily. We do most of the writing and scheduling the posts ahead of time but we usually have 4 posts go up a day. I am not sure if that seems to much but to me, everyone looks for something different on a blog. We give them lots of choices between reviews, memes, features, and discussions. 

So we never tag individuals. So we tag all those that want to participate! 



  1. I feel you with the posting thing. I made it a New Year's goal to post every day, but I just don't feel like that's going to happen this week or even next month. I've been pretty bogged down. I know it's just pressure I put on myself, but I like knowing I have a post up every day. But I also get the whole thing about thinking no one cares/looks at your blog. I have those posts too. Ones that I'm super proud of, but they don't get any comments. Blogging's such a personal thing, though. I have to remind myself of that sometimes. It's for me that I'm doing this, not anyone else.

    Thanks for visiting Shell's Stories!

  2. Such a fun post. I love learning more about my fellow bloggers.

  3. The dog is very cute :). I can relate to #4. I put pressure on myself to post, but I also feel like nobody would care if I stopped. It’s weird.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!


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