Thursday, March 8, 2018

Answer Me This: How Do You Television?

Answer Me This. We are hoping this will help our friends get to know us a just a tad bit better. 
A question will be asked and answers will be given by both Ash and Jenn. We hope you enjoy getting to know us outside of the bookshelves.

How do you television? Do you watch TV live, record and watch later, or binge on Netflix?

The process of watching Netflix for several hours straight without ever looking away.

Martha forgot to eat again because she was too busy binge-watching Netflix


I am a binge watcher. I don't like to watch anything live because commercials and commercials are just awful and stupid now. So it's just annoying to have to either A) watch them, or B) fast forward them.

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And I have a bunch of shows recorded but the only thing I keep up with weekly is The Walking Dead. So I have them recorded, but really I'll probably wait until the season is over and just watch it on Netflix. Because like I said. Commercials.

I'm like 6 episodes behind this season of Riverdale, and four behind on Grey's anatomy. I will probably watch them before they get on Netflix. Because I love those shows.

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But most of the time, binging is the life for me. I love spending a day getting through half a season.

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I mostly watch tv shows the day of, or night they come on, at least for my favorite shows. Walking Dead we watch once the toddler goes to bed, but we don’t wait until the next day. It is the same night it's on. We generally start it about half way of being recorded. I  have learned certain shows you do not watch after the fact. Too many spoilers.

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I also watch 911, grays anatomy, this is us, and how to get away with murder the day after. I get to watch TV while I work, so I put Hulu on and watch these episodes.

I don’t binge much but when I do its either Netflix or DVR. My hubby and I watch a lot of TV. More than we have time for so we will DVR a bunch of shows then when all our favorites are on break we binge on DVR. Mostly though I can’t wait. If shows are current I want to watch them. I always watch on DVR though. Never live. Too many commercials.

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I have a day I watch all my faves.

Tuesday night Home Town
Wednesday at work I watch This Is Us and then at night watch Fixer Upper
Thursday I watch 911 at work and then at night I watch Property Brothers and Survivor.
Friday at work I watch How to Get Away With Murder and Grey's Anatomy and then at night I watch Flip or Flop Nashville.

Right now I am really into my books so watching TV is not happening as much.

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That is my weekly shows.

When we have time to binge we are currently binging Riverdale and The Gifted. We binge about 3-4 episodes at a time and then let them stack up again.

Soon Timeless starts and we will watch that one probably binging too.

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How do you do TV... Are you an unhealthy binger? An impatient live watcher? Or a boycott advertising show recorder?


  1. I watch no live TV. I hate commercials! We stream everything now. I have a handful of shows I watch within a week or so of release, Grey's Anatomy, 911, Nashville, Chicago Fire & Medical. Sometimes I'll let 3 or 4 of each acculimate as binging is my fav way of watching TV. I keep at least 1 show that I'm binging at all times, usually a show that is totally over. I have found several BBC shows Rake, Doc Martin and others that are awesome and I've enjoyed going into them knowing that they have an end in sight. I have realized that binging is the way to go as you don't forget little details and you're not trying to remember what happened last season. I do stay away from all social media concerning the shows I watch as I hate spoilers.

  2. I record shows for later. I don’t have the best attention span for TV, so it’s helpful if I can rewind when I get distracted. I also like being able to skip over the commercials. I’m too impatient for those.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  3. I record from the TV for later so I can wind past the adverts which annoy me! I only really keep up with a few things like Masterchef, or my favourite soap Coronation Street, Bake Off, but I watch some live sport as well.


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