Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Bookish Banter: Book Or Movie? What Comes First?

A little Bookish Banter to get us through.  Bookish Banter is a little bit of banter about our bookish thoughts as we have a friendly discussion over a nice cup of tea. 

When the movie comes out - Do you read the book first or after the movie?

I generally want to read the book before I see the movie. I like to be able to compare the two when I go into the movies. And to me, if a movie is based off a book, the book is obviously good enough to read.

So as a rule I try to read the book before I see the movie. 

Sometimes that doesn't happen, but I do try my hardest to make it happen.

I just read Ready Player One and I'm seeing the movie next week. And I read Everything, Everything before I saw the movie.

Sometimes I discover books because I saw a trailer for the movie. That's kind of what happened with Everything, Everything actually. 

My next reads before I see the movie are A Wrinkle in Time and Wonder.

But I definitely feel a need to read the book before I watch the movie.
I guess I don't really have much to say about this, except I think anyone who wants to watch the movie should read the books first. 


So this is a good question... 

What does come first. Well in my world, it's like this.  If I notice the movie coming out and I have not read the book... I will ask myself.  Does this look like a book I want to read or just see the movie. Most of the time if it's a YA book I will want to read the book first. If it's middle grade or adult then I just find the book and read about the book and decide. If it's a classic then nah. I just watch the movie. I don't really do classics.

Image result for yes or no gif

 I find it hard to enjoy the book as much after watching the movie and since I love books more than movies... I liked to enjoy the book first. I mean when I am reading I don't want to know what happens. I want the surprise the tears, the heartache, the joy, the warm fuzzy feelings. I want it all naturally. In movies I don't really care so much. Books are my thing. I would rather my movie be ruined than my books. 

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Do you read the book first or see the movie first? Does it matter to you?


  1. Generally I read the book first, but that doesn't always happen. I meant to read Ready Player One before the movie came out, but that's not going to happen!

  2. I also ask myself if the book looks like something I would read. If yes, I'll read the book first, even if it means having to watch it on DVD. If no, I'll tag along with my friends to the theater anyway. 🙌

  3. I prefer to read the book first if possible. I always want t imagine the setting and characters for myself before seeing a movie interpretation. Although sometimes I see the movie and then skip the book, although I try not to do that very often?

  4. If I can make the time for it, I usually prefer to read the book first.

  5. For me, it just depends on which I get to first. Most times I tend to hear about the book first but I'm flexible.

  6. I try to read the books before I watch the movies but that's not always possible. I've also watched movies without knowing they were books first and later still enjoyed the books.

  7. If it is a book I think I want to read then the book always comes first.


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