Friday, November 16, 2012

Follow Friday #39

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Q: Books are turned into movies all the time! Turn it around. What movie would make a great book? 

A: I think Goonies would make a great book. Love that movie. Most of my favorite movies are already books though. So its hard to say. More books need to be movies... like Wicked Lovely series.

What is your answer?


  1. Wicked Lovely is being made into a movie!! Didn't you hear? Melissa announced it maybe a year ago or so. It's still in the production process and I don't know if they released any details yet.

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  2. Love Goonies! Most of my favorite movies were books first: The Princess Bride, The Neverending Story, etc. I'm coming up blank on a movie I'd like to see as a book...every one I think of, I realize it WAS a book before the movie was made. :P

  3. Loved Goonies many times over. Hi, I'm a new follower. Please consider following me.
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