Thursday, July 28, 2016

Bookish Banter: Are You A Seasonal Reader?

A little Bookish Banter to get us through.  Bookish Banter is a little bit of banter about our bookish thoughts as we have a friendly discussion over a nice cup of tea. 

Are you a seasonal reader? Let me clarify what I am asking. I prefer to read certain books more during certain times of the year than others? Certain genres, length of books, plots?? Does the time of year make or break your reading to do list?


So I love to read... no secret there. I love to read just about anything out there and everything I can get my hands on. I am, however, a very seasonal reader too. There are some books I will read at any time of the year and there are some I can't wait to read so even if it doesn't fit my seasonal mood... I read it. But mostly I am seasonal... about everything too... not just books. 

Summer..... bright colors,  lighter hair, skirts and shorts... and of course my reading gets directed at quick reads, cute and fluffy reads, beach reads, summer romance, road trips, summer vacation reads. 

I don't tend to have as much time in the summer. We generally find things to do with the family so short books and quick reads that grab my attention but I can put down and pick back up easily when needed. 

Summer things equal summer reads. Like road trips and vacations. I feel that they fit my summer mood. Any out of the country trips, camp stories, lake stories. Love them. 

I also love romance more in the summer. Light and fluffy and cute. Of course, I don't keep it just to romance. I also love the short thrillers too in the summer. they are generally quick and fast and enjoyable. Also, go great on stormy summer nights. Not that we get those much. 

Now for the Fall... I tend to go more on fantasy for some reason. I think I just have more time int he fall. of course, when it comes to October... I grab the spooky, the haunted, the slasher, and the horror books. Serial killers just love them. For some reason, I like these best in October. No idea why...... haha. I do like to read these most of the time anyways but they get better around the spooky time of year. 

So Winter... starting around Thanksgiving.... I know that it's still a  fall month.. but it makes me think winter holiday... I love to read of course holiday reads, but I also like chic lit and family-focused books. It feels right to get the warm fuzzies around the warm fuzzy holidays. I feel the family love all around and get more pulled to these. 

So that leaves Spring... well I guess spring is just new releases.. the getting caught up on what I missed out on the last year. I don't really get a feel for spring... .so it's my spring cleaning phase. That is what I shall call it. 

I do need to say.... I don't always stay in these seasonal mood reads. I just get pulled more to these type of stories.... 


I'm not really a seasonal reader. I will read a lot of genres, but I mostly stick with horror, thriller, apocalyptic, zombie, fantasy, etc. So it really doesn't matter what time of year it is, I will most still stick with the same genres. 

I can say that in the fall, which is my favorite season, I like to read spooky stuff. More than usual that is. Other than that... I'm not really at all a seasonal reader. I like the same genre's all the time. 

I am however, a mood reader. I have to be in the mood for that book or I just can't read it. I can't tell you how many times I've started a book but not been in the mood for it so I set it aside for a later time, only to find out later it's a great book, it just wasn't what I was looking for at the time.

How about you? Do you seasonal read? Are you a mood reader at all?



  1. I am 100% a seasonal reader! For example.... I really want to read Compulsion by Boone BUT it is such a fall book so I just can't bring myself to read it over the summer. lol

    1. Its like reading a holiday book in the summer. If its a Christmas read it needs to be Christmas in my life.

  2. I'm a 100% mood reader. I've had the same experiences as you and have stopped reading a book and then come back to it when I'm ready.

    1. I do it so so much. I pick up about 5 books at one time to read beacuase of my mood or ADD or sometimes I just lose the book I was reading and have to start a new one. My books are all over my house.

  3. I wish I was more of a seasonal reader... I really must have random tastes! *Sigh* However, for some reason, I do know that I prefer to read fantasy in the summer? It's weird! Great post Jen Renee and Ash!

    1. I dont think any reading habits are weird. I think its awesome just to read!


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