Thursday, August 20, 2015

Thoughts For Thursday- Ash's Photography

just the random thoughts or Jenn and Ash. What they want to talk about what they hate, what they love, what's on their mind.

Hey all! The Thoughts for Thursday is all about my photography! You have seen quite a few of my photos on here already, all of the memes and such are my photos, but I wanted to take this time to show you some more. 
A little bit about my photography and why I love it. I started taking photos when I was 14 or so, I took myspace type photos with a really bad camera, but I thought it was great. Since then my photography style has changed dramatically, I've gotten a better camera and I've learned how to edit. 
I first got into photography because my uncle was into it, I saw what he did and I loved it. I loved being able to show people the world how I see it. I love to show people's personalities and emotions through photos. I want people to stop and think when they see them, to make them feel something, whether it be happiness, or sadness, or even fear in some cases. 

So here are some of my photos.

My Love by Skysofdreams ♥ Dark Fairytales by Skysofdreams ♥ Sugar, We're Going Down by Skysofdreams ♥ What I've done by Skysofdreams ♥ September 1982 by Skysofdreams ♥ Fragments by Skysofdreams ♥ Lead me by Skysofdreams ♥ Like Glass by Skysofdreams 

So I love Ash's photography. YES I am a bit bias because she is my daughter but I am quite proud of her, I do ask for her photos for Christmas, She picks them out orders them and frames them and I put them up in my house. So yes I do love her photography. I can't say what I like the best that she does because I think she does wonderful scenic, nature close ups, and portraits. I have a couple faves in each catagory. She has an eye for this, she catches great feeling and emotions. I will continue to use my home as her art gallery and use her as my personal photographer. 

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