Monday, April 13, 2020

March Recap + April TBR

Here's our monthly recap! 
We decided to start doing a monthly recap. Since we post and read a ton we will highlight what our favorite things were and what we hope to read the upcoming month. 

If you would like to see all our posts, here are our weekly wrap-ups:

Ash's Month!

 I read 18 books in March (Including Finn's school books) 
 We saw Onward and Spies in Disguise in theaters
 It was my birthday month 
 Quarantine started right after my birthday 
★ We visited my grandparents again  
 I dyed my hair a light brown/blonde color
 I sprained my ankle really bad 
★ Finn lost another tooth! 
★ I got Shudder again and have been watching a lot of great movies 
★ We planted a tangerine tree, and started the memorial trees for the boys 

Wow you guys. It's been a minute since we posted. Life is insane right now, and you would assume that being in quarantine means we have more time to blog. That assumption is wrong. Very very wrong. 

Jenn and my dad are working at home. I'm homeschooling Finn, doing extra stuff with him, making things, crafting, watching movies, gardening. 

Finn had to be tested for Corona, John had to be tested for Corona. Neither of them have it. 

We were supposed to go camping, but it got rained out. So we were going to go to the Bob Bullock museum, Rodeo, and the movies. Well the Rodeo was canceled, we decided not to go to the Bob Bullock, but we did go see Onward and Spies in Disguise and loved both of them.

My craft show got canceled, which sucks.

Honestly Corona sucks. 

John is considered essential, so he's still working luckily. The 25th was our 3 year wedding anniversary and we watched Zombieland Doubletap and had tacos of course. We also took bluebonnet pictures before all this started. 

I just want to say that March was a disappointing and kind of terrible month. I hurt myself, our camping trip got canceled, the VFW cook out I was going to be a vendor at got canceled, the rodeo got canceled.
Jenn and my dad are working from home, Finn is home all day and we're homeschooling so besides his school books I haven't been able to read much. I'm hoping I can double time it in April to get caught up. But so far it's not looking good considering school is out until May 4th.

Here's a few great photos from March:

March reading stats:

 YA: 3
 Adult: 0
 Childrens: 8
 Graphic Novels: 4
 MG: 1
 Nonfiction: 2

My favorite books read in March:

5 Stars:
Heavy Vinyl: Y2K-O!, Vol. 2

4 Stars:
Girl in PiecesGotham Academy, Vol. 3: YearbookThe Wicked DeepNancy Drew: The Palace of Wisdom

Books I hope to read in April 

Kill Me Softly (Beau Rivage, #1)Losing BraveMade for YouNot Even Bones (Market of Monsters, #1)Undead with BenefitsThat NightRuthlessLet's Call It a DoomsdayI Know You RememberIn the Woods (Dublin Murder Squad, #1)Follow MeMy Dark VanessaA Good Girl's Guide to Murder (A Good Girl's Guide to Murder, #1)All the Stars and Teeth (All the Stars and Teeth, #1)CoralBitter Falls (Stillhouse Lake #4)The DeepThe TwinThe End GamesAnother Little PieceStrandedClown in a Cornfield

Reading with Finn:
My Big Bear, My Little Bear and MeOne Fox: A Counting Book Thriller


 Michael and I went to East Texas to visit my parents, it was a very nice and peaceful weekend 
 Michael and I both started working from home (yes it was forced :)= ) It's been nice working in the same room as him. The dogs and I are getting spoiled. 
 We played 34 games with 42 total game plays. Even though most of our games have been two player we are still enjoying the play time. 
We have been doing lots of great yard work..... now that we have time. 

Books Read in January - 

Reading Stats: 3 books.

 I am in a bit of a reading slump. I am trying to get out of it but its hard. I did enjoy all three of the ones I read though! 

 Adult: 3

5 Stars:
Follow Me

4 Stars:
The DeepWhat's a Ghoul to Do? (Ghost Hunter Mystery, #1)

April Hopefuls:

Want to read: I might be dreaming big! 

From Dead to Worse (Sookie Stackhouse, #8)The Lonely DeadDeadly Little Scandals (Debutantes #2)Shades of Stars (Lola Pink Mysteries #2)The Forever Song (Blood of Eden, #3)Hitches, Hideouts, & Homicides (A Camper & Criminals Cozy #7)Ignite Me (Shatter Me, #3)Magic Study (Study, #2)CoralEight Perfect MurdersMarked in Flesh (The Others, #4)Blood Ties (Blood Coven Vampire, #6)Dare You to LieThe Murder ListPretty as a PictureBe Not Far From MeScammed (Vale Hall, #2)Demonglass (Hex Hall, #2)The Last WitnessChasing LuckySeven Endless ForestsLast Girls

Favorite New Games Played:
Great Western Trail, eggertspiele, 2019 — front cover (image provided by the publisher)Final English CoverLift Off, Hans im Glück, 2018 — front cover (image provided by the publisher)

How was your month of March? Anything new and exciting or just good ole' fun? Did you get a lot of reading done? 


  1. Glad you guys are staying safe! This has been a really weird time for everyone.

  2. Sorry about the cancelations and injuries. March was a tough month. I hope you’re having a good April.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!


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