Monday, April 17, 2017

Getting My Blog On!

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We are back and it feels good. For me... I am finally finding time to read again and hope it will also mean time to review and blog. I have missed this so much and need it back in my life. I think it will be slow at first. Find my way again but I am excited. 

A ton of things have happened in the last three months. 

Our house sold. First day on the market it sold and over list value. It was a surreal and wonderful feeling that all our work paid off. 

After that we signed our contract for our new house to built. Yay!!! 

and it is on its way 

Then the wedding happened!!! It was beautiful simple and so so sweet.

 I am so elated to see these two so happy. They are so much fun to hang with. I am still getting to know my son in law but what I know makes me proud of Ash for choosing such a wonderful man. I know they have so many great and wonderful years ahead of them.... and hoping for many more grandchildren for me!  

For now we are relaxing and enjoying life.

we are back to reading and binging and board game fun. Three of our favorite things that we had to skip out on for some time. All that leads to another favorite... Blogging. 

So I will be dropping by all my favorite blogs to catch up on what I have been missing in the book world... and beyond. 


  1. Wow, that is amazing!! I'm so happy for you and am glad to have you back! There is quite a lot that's happened, of course. So, um, good luck? LOL! (kidding) Welcome back!

    1. thanks. There was so much going on in just a few short months. It all went well just kept us very busy. Its a bit more peaceful now which is nice.

  2. Welcome back! I’ve only started to follow your blog when you decided to take you break. You had such eventful and exiting three months. Looking forward to you posts!

    1. Thanks! I hope my posts will keep you entertained. I think we are still coming in at it slow but we are very excited to be back.

  3. Ooh so much has happened! Congrats on selling and purchasing. Congrats on the wedding too. Wishing you continued happiness :)

    1. thank you so much. It was all great stuff and very exciting, but I am so glad its over and I am happy to be back


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