Saturday, October 18, 2014

Dewey's24 Hour Read A Thon October 2014 Hours 13-19


It is that time of year again and I am so excited. 
I would love to make it all night this time, we shall see. Here are my stack of books too read....

They All Fall DownCreed
What Is HiddenBlack IceThe Prince of Venice Beach

Hour 13: 

About halfway through 2 books and a third through another. 

right now I am reading between 
What Is HiddenBlack IceThey All Fall Down

Challenge Casual Closet Cosplay hosted by Books are my Friends

I decided to dress like the main character- Britt from Black Ice. She is in the mountains in the snow and ice in a cabin. This is something or another of what I think she would wear. 

A scarf and a sweater:

Hour 14: Color Cover Challenge - hosted by Wishful Endings 

My colors- Turquoise black and White

The Girl from the WellJackaby
Playlist for the DeadFeral

Hour 15: 

Almost done with They All Fall Down 
58 pages left! 

Challenge: Spine Poetry hosted by Ticket to Anywhere- I noticed whenever I do spine poetry it gets a little creepy. Not sure what that means but here is my poem.

Welcome to the Dark House
Fire and Ash, Spirit and Dust
They all fall down 
Poor little dead girls

Hour 16: 

Challenge: Pet Parade hosted by 

My kitties- Leeloo and Gimili and My hubby Michael 

Hour 17, 18, and 19

Finished We All Fall Down 

The Prince of Venice Beach

Challenge: Random Page

I'm Bleeding. My whole mouth is bleeding.  - Prince of Venice Beach 

Challenge Mad Libs 

On Saturday a smelly southwest accent came in, so everyone went dangling. I had an underwhelmed wet basketball, which I was eager to try. I'd found it in the alley and cut of the readers and toenails a few inches to make it fit. 

Challenge: Promote your Genre 

I love YA books of any type. I love Sci Fi, realistic fiction, romance, but I especially love a psychological Thriller. They are intense and fast paced and they really get my blood pumping and mind a thinking. They keep me all night and make me look around every corner. I Love them! 

That's it for me guys goodnight.


  1. The cats and the hubs look comfy! I hope you've had a wonderful day! --Andi

  2. I love your taste in books! And I don't even care if They All Fall Down turns out to suck, because I want that cover on my shelves! Happy Reading!



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