Monday, March 25, 2019

Bookish Banter: Is This Real Life?

A little Bookish Banter to get us through.  Bookish Banter is a little bit of banter about our bookish thoughts as we have a friendly discussion over a nice cup of tea. 

This bookish banter is all about the things people do in books we would never do in real life. 


There is so many times in books that I'm reading, where I think there is no way I'd be doing this. 

The most recent example I have of this, is in The Haunted by Danielle Vega. They find out the house they're in is haunted and then they go to get rid of the ghost. I don't think I'd ever do that myself. Not even try to do it myself, because that's terrifying and I'm not a professional ghost hunter, I would die. Or screw something up and get someone else killed because that's just my luck. 

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Same thing with Bad Girls Don't Die. Again, hunting ghosts by themselves. No thank you.

There's many times in books, and even in movies, where they go looking for a killer, by themselves. And I'm like why would you do that? Leave it to the professionals. You're going to get yourself killed. And then most likely they get kidnapped, or put into a trap. Because they're insane for trying themselves.

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Or they run head first into situations to save someone, and even if it works in the end, the whole time I'm thinking no no, definitely not, why would you do this?

I feel like most of these situations are of course fictional and wouldn't really happen anyway, but just thinking about it.

If you're home alone and you hear a noise? Do you yell out "Hello?" or do you stay in your room under your blankets and pretend not to hear anything? 

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I guess either way that's dangerous, but you know what I mean.


I was reading a book the other day and there was a character – 18 years old that just ran head on into danger because her mother was in trouble. I was like not a real life moment. I mean I don’t think so. 
This got me thinking. Would I have done this at 18 or would I have found another way. 
So the question is how many times are you reading a book and a character does something that is a moment that only exists in books? I understand why there are these moments because what kind of boring read would a book be if there wasn’t any of these moments? Don’t we all want to live in a make believe world where these moments exist for us. I have always wanted to be brave, courageous, smart, intense, and all those good qualities. So I know why these moments exist… but just for a moment let’s think about them closely. 

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How many real life 18 year olds would be like oh my mother is missing and someone wants to kill her… I will jump on this motorbike (not sure I know how to ride one) ride it through the jungle, scream at the guy hold a gun to my mother’s head while driving straight towards him. He could shoot me yes… but will he… of course not… I am going to save my mother. Great mother daughter moment by the way and so cool when I picture the entire scene… realistic nah. But oh so much fun.

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So what do you think about these unrealistic moments. Before this book, I am not sure I had given much thought to it… but this one made me look twice and a crazy scene. Did it bother me? No, it didn’t, not in the least. I actually loved and once I got over the giggling of the unrealism… I was cheering her name and rooting for her… also crossing my fingers she doesn’t get shot. 

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I really do believe books needs these unrealistic moments. If they are done right they can make us feel so good, give us hope, and make us believe in the impossible. I know not everyone likes unrealistic storylines, or moments, or characters, but I do. I have read some that go too far, but I have also read those that make for a fantastic read. I read to escape, to believe, to feel. So I love these moments… Even though some are so crazy I can’t help but do a double take and then giggle.

What are your feelings? Are there any book moments that have you shaking your head or questioning the actions? Or do you just ride or die with the moment cheering all the way?

Let’s banter!



  1. Ah there are a lot of books that I shake my head at and want to shake the characters for doing something stupid. I don't mind brave but I can't stand stupid :)

  2. I agree, books need to have some element of craziness or weirdness or something, to make it interesting, but when I read YA books where teenagers are solving crimes better than the police, I always say to myself, this is so unrealistic!


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