Friday, October 5, 2018

Spoopy Post: Let's discuss costumes

I don't have a header for this one. I should probably make one eventually.
But today we're going to talk about costumes! Half of the fun about Halloween is dressing up. Whether you're dressing up with your kiddos to go trick or treating, or dressing up for a Halloween party. Or maybe you just like dressing up? No judgement y'all.

So way back when I was a kiddo and a teenager my parents were strictly against Halloween. When I turned 18 I said forget it and dressed up and totally went trick or treating with a bunch of my also adult or near adult friends. I was a horribly done punk kitty.

Since I had Finn my parents have fully jumped on the Halloween train and now we not only take him trick or treating, we hand out candy, decorate, and even have a Halloween party. And of course they dress up with us.

I don't have any pictures of Finn's first Halloween. Well I probably do, but they're buried somewhere. So I can't really show y'all, he was a monster, it was adorable. But here's a few fun pictures that we took the last couple years.

A few years ago we were steampunk classic monsters. Finn was a vampire and I was a skeleton, one of my best friends at the time, and Finn's dad were there as well. It was a fun time. He was also a cow for the church fall fest.

Another year Finn was Spiderman.

2016 was me and John's first Halloween together, so of course we had to be cheesy and have a couples Halloween costume. We were Freddy Kreuger and Jason Voorhees. That has been one of my favorites costumes to date. Finn was Chase that year.

Last year for the Halloween party John cross dressed and I was a Unicorn. He didn't dress up for Halloween day but I did. I was a kitty. And Finn was a tiger. He wasn't really into dressing up that year.

This year we're going to be Jack and Sally and Finn will be Zero. My brother is even in on it, he's going to be oogie boogie. So we'll probably post about that on the monthly recap.

I get excited every year to put some couple costumes together for My hubby and me. Sometimes we do couples and sometimes family… one of my favorite were our steam punk classic monster costumes, we were Frankenstein's monster and his bride. They were so much fun. Another fun year was Shaggy and Thelma. Those turned out really well. Last year we were just steampunk. Great costumes but not as creative.

this year I was inspired watching Beetlejuice. So this year we will be Beetlejuice and Lydia deetz. I am very excited for this and can’t wait. Already have it almost all together.

Ash will do the hair and make up and we will look great. Beetlejuice is the perfect character for my hubby as he is just as crazy and strange. He will so get into this character.

What do you have planned and what were your favorites of your past.



  1. Wow! You guys go all out! You look great! I’m lazy and never dress up anymore.

  2. The last time I was at a Halloween party was when I was ten and it was at our primary school! In our part of Scotland, few people bother with Halloween or answer doors on the rare occasion they are knocked!


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