Monday, October 8, 2018

Spoopy Post: Creepy Crawly TV

Once again, I really need a header. I might make one eventually.
This post we're going to discuss our favorite creepy/horror TV shows. 

Obviously y'all know by now that horror is my favorite everything. 

I haven't watched too many horror shows though I would love to watch more.

Some of my favorites I've watched are zombie shows like Walking Dead, Z-Nation, and I just started one called In the Flesh. I'm on the first episode and it might not be really horror but it is zombies.

The Walking Dead PosterZ Nation PosterIn the Flesh Poster

I also love shows like American Horror Story, Bates Motel, (Which isn't much horror but definitely creepy) Hemlock Grove, Penny Dreadful, The Mist and Freakish.

American Horror Story PosterBates Motel PosterHemlock Grove PosterPenny Dreadful PosterThe Mist PosterFreakish Poster

And serial killer shows like Scream, Scream Queens, Slasher, and Harper's Island.

Scream: The TV Series PosterScream Queens PosterSlasher PosterHarper's Island Poster

I would love to watch Hannibal, Ash VS. the Evil Dead, The Strain, and I can't wait for the new Sabrina series.

Hannibal PosterAsh vs Evil Dead PosterThe Strain PosterChilling Adventures of Sabrina Poster


I have really been into horror television shows lately. I finally watched some of the American horror story. I loved the murder house, enjoyed coven, and currently really liking apocalypse.

American Horror Story Poster

In the past I watched scream queens and enjoyed it. I do need to watch the last season. I kind of fell away from it.

Scream Queens Poster

The scream TV series, loved loved loved it. One of my favorites. Looking forward too hoping there is more.
Scream: The TV Series Poster

Of course walking dead and fear the waking dead are some all time favorites.

The Walking Dead PosterFear the Walking Dead Poster

Grimm is an all time favorite

Grimm Poster

I also enjoyed slasher. I think I liked the second season more than the first but they were both good. I do hope there is more.

Slasher Poster

I also love love love freakish (although I am behind)
Freakish Poster

I am looking forward to watching a few new ones. The haunting of hill house and the chilling adventures of Sabrina

The Haunting of Hill House PosterChilling Adventures of Sabrina Poster

One I would love to start soon is castle rock. I heard it was good.

Castle Rock Poster

So what horror tv series are you obsessed with?



  1. We LOVED Harper's Island, we were just talking about it the other day!

  2. I enjoy things like Hannibal, Supernatural, Grimm, the first two seasons of The Walking Dead. I have a ton still to watch like Scream, Wolf Creek, Harper's Island, Scream Queens, Slasher and The Strain.

  3. I'm excited for the new Sabrina, and I hear good things about Penny Dreadful so I'm curious about that too.


  4. I started to watch Sabrina is very good

  5. Oh horror tv is just not my thing! I can't do horror at all!! However, eventually I do want to watch It and I also want to watch Sabrina because that original show goes back to my childhood nostalgia feels. I've also heard great things about The Walking Dead and also The Haunting of Hill House, so maybe I need to try and put aside my fears to read those ones DD:


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