Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Weekly Wrap Up: February 23rd-29th

Weekly Wrap-Up 

Ash's week:

Jenn told me to post without her this week. So it's just me. 
Another pretty busy week. Jenn and I got pedicures and went to lunch on Monday. 

Jenn and Michael are in Vegas for the week so we had the house to ourselves. We ran errands and stuff, I got a bunch of new books, vinyl for crafts, some beads and such. I got a new mattress! I made a shirt for Finn, among other stuff. 

Finn got a haircut, then I got a haircut. We had dinner with my in laws at an Italian restaurant in my hometown, called Gino's.

Then Saturday we stopped at a small town diner before we headed to the drive thru safari with Finn. 

We got to hold baby monkeys, I touched a fennec fox which was fun. And we got to feed a bunch of animals like cows, zebras (Finn freaked out her got to pet a zebra) and llamas (I freaked out I got to pet a llama). 

Then Saturday night my friend came over and we just hung out. 

Sunday my friend Jess came over and we played a few games and watched Ice Age and Alice in Wonderland.

So very very busy!

I watched:
Polaroid PosterAlice in Wonderland PosterIce Age PosterAlice in Wonderland Poster

Ash's Books Read:
The TellingWayward, Vol. 2: Ties That BindEat, Brains, Love

What Ash wants to read and listen to this week:
Junkyard CatsPack of Dorks (Pack of Dorks, #1)The Wicked DeepThe Lying WoodsI Know You RememberLet's Call It a DoomsdayGirl in PiecesGotham Academy, Vol. 3: YearbookNancy Drew: The Palace of Wisdom


  1. That Alice in Wonderland film was the first film I saw in cinemas with my friends and without my parents. I remember it being quite an important moment for me. Love Ice Age always, and pedicures are always so fun and relaxing! Have a great week ahead x

  2. Ooh Italian lol. And I love a good diner. :) Looks like a fun place.

    Wayward! I read the first one of that series (maybe the second?), and I still need to finish Nancy Drew.


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