Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Answer MeThis : Are You Going To Gen Con

Answer Me This. We are hoping this will help our friends get to know us a just a tad bit better. 
A question will be asked and answers will be given by both Ash and Jenn. We hope you enjoy getting to know us outside of the bookshelves.

So my hubby and I are going to GenCon, which is a huge gaming convention in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Leaving tonight actually. So we are very excited and Ash is so not, because she won't be there. She decided to ask me all about it. Here is in a nutshell. 

What are you most looking forward to, that you will be doing at GenCon?

It’s hard to say since I have never been. I am really excited about my costumes,though. I can’t wait to see others reaction. I think our costumes rock and are really recognizable. Geeky but something all geeks should know. So it will be fun. Of course, then there is everyone else's costumes. Oh so excited for that too. Oh and the ball. I never went to prom so this is so cool. Okay, so I am just excited!

What are some of the activities you are signed up for?
Nothing other than anime murder mystery night. I know there will be tons of other stuff that we will do but we haven't really signed up for much. Oh and we are signed up for the Winter Enchantment Ball. So excited. 

Are you going to be doing any roleplaying or board gaming while there?

Yes I may do Shadowrun not sure yet and I do plan on board gaming. Not sure which ones though. There are a lot to choose from. There is one I am very interested in called Zombified and maybe a Harry Potter adventure game. 

What are you the most worried about?
The crowd and the drive. The drive is 16 hours. yuck. We will be sharing the drive with our friends so there will be 4 drivers. But still. Mostly, though, the crowd. I feel I will be lost and overwhelmed. I don't do well with big crowds. BEA was hard and this is so much more. Luckily I will be with some pretty experienced GenCon attendees. So maybe it will be okay. 

Which costume are you most excited about?
Oh um all of them. Lol. Probably princess bride. Although I put my Hipster Ariel one on and I rocked it. So that one is probably my favorite look. I just love the idea of Buttercup. So that is my most anticipated. I am also going as Tohru from Fruits Basket. That is a little uncomfortable but looks good. For the day I don't have costumes.... I have a very cute Captian Americal skirt.... so cute. So I am very excited for that skirt too.

Which are you most excited for daddy to wear?
Westley of course. No contest. He looks soo soo good and I am a Westley fan. So excited. His Kyo is cute too, although, orange hair is not really his thing! Prince Eric looks really good too. They are all just fun! 

What do you think will be the hardest part about being away for a week?
Being away from Ash and Finn. I don’t like being away from any family. I will miss them,s o so much!

Are you going to video chat with us (Them) while you’re gone?

Of course and I will tell them all about my adventures! I am sure it will be fun to tell it all. Finn may not be too interested but Ash will. I will send pics home too.... and text.... all the time.

Who are you going with? ( I know I know this answer, but they don’t) 

My hubby of course!!! We are also going with a couple that are really good friends of ours. We game with them a lot so it makes sense to go with them. Really they have been bugging us to go with them for a couple of years now. They have been going since 2010. We finally made a plan to get up there this year and we are so very excited.

What’s one thing that you think would make this trip better?

If Ash was going with us!!!! And our Son, Dussten too. It would be good as a family trip. Also knowing what to expect. I am so out of my realm that it makes me nervous. 



  1. I'm not going to Gen Con this year but I usually go. It's a blast! The crowds can get crazy in the exhibit hall but as long as you avoid the opening day crush at the doors you should be fine. But if you're going with Gen Con veterans you'll be fine. Have fun!

  2. The ball and the anime murder mystery event sound like so much fun! I'm from the UK, so won't be joining you at GenCon, but I'm looking forward to reading your update posts! And seeing costume pics...!

  3. This sounds like so much fun! I hope we get to see some pics of those costumes!!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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