Thursday, February 12, 2015

Thoughts On Thursday #3

This Saturday is Valentines Day. I am not ususally one that gets all mushy or romantic.  I am really not a romantic by fortunately my hubby is.  

This year I am very excited. He has special plans for me... Here is the story. 

Once upon a time... when we were dating... we would visit a Chinese restaurant., Wan Fu. Not all the time but enough to be called our place. It was a very yummy place. Great food, yummy plum wine, great atmosphere. Very romantic. 

Once we married, we moved further away and kind of didn't go for a while. We decided to drop in on one anniversary (our 11th) and it was closed. Due to recession I am sure. 

Years went by and my hubby told me they had a food truck now...  wan Fu 2. Not sure what we would do with food truck not romantic but that was great to hear.

Years went by again and he tells me.. They opened up a new place really near by and guess where we are going Friday night. Yes to Wan Fu 3. Now Chinese may not sound the most romantic to some, but the history makes it romantic and Chinese is my favorite food. 

So yay for Valentines Day. 

Anyone else have special plans for Saturday night? Or in my case Friday night to beat the Valentines Rush? 

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  1. Awe, that is so sweet. We had a restaurant where we shared many memories alone and with friends and family. I cried when they closed, it is so awesome they reopened. Have fun!


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