Friday, June 7, 2013

Feature and Follow #70

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Q: Have you broken up with a series? If so which one and why?

A:  I don't think I have ever broken up with a series but I have never called them back after the first date or have just take a long break... usually not on purpose.  There are very few series I don't plan on read the rest of the the series... I really really wanted to like.. The Gatekeepers by Anthony Horowitz. I read the first book and decided it wasn't for me. A few others were the Jessica Series I was really hoping I would love this book and didn't. There are a few I liked ok but not in a rush to get to the next one. Stravaganza, Bloody Jack, and Divergent, #1. I plan to eventually get to these but in no rush. I have many like that. There are a few series I grab as soon as I can.... The Body Finder series, Jasper Dent, The Cahill Witch Chronicles, Lumatere Chronicles.. are at the top of my list.


  1. Yeah I have plenty of series that I liked, but not love either. Ones that don't make it to the top of the TBR pile but I still feel dedicated too! Trying to catch up on some of those now and it's been wayyyy too long since I was last in these particular worlds!

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    Old Follower :)

  2. Nice answer :) I love The Cahill Witch Chronicles! Haven't read the second one yet though:( Old follower!


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