Thursday, July 30, 2015

Thoughts for Thursday: Binge Watching

binge watch·ing
  1. the practice of watching multiple episodes of a television program in rapid succession, typically by means of DVDs or digital streaming.

Our thoughts for Thursday is going to be all about binge watching! What is binge watching you ask? It's where you find a show, and just watch it, like a mega marathon. It's great. A lot of times, it will completely consume you. You won't sleep, all you will want to do is watch that show until it's done. ( no sleep and lots of food,l no body movement  in Jenn's world = trouble . So binge watching is not good for the health)  Once it's done, it feels like your entire world is done. Oh its over for sure. What in the world do I do now. 

Netflix is the single best thing for binge watching shows. I probably binge watch just a bit too much, every time I find a show I love, I have to watch it all at once. My current show is Grey's Anatomy, ( and she has me hooked to but is way ahead of me so yes it causes conflict in the homestead)  which is great, because there is like 11 seasons on netflix, with the 12th coming out this September. Another great one that I watch over and over is One Tree Hill. I cannot tell you how many times I have seen that show all the way through. 


Here is my list of Binge worthy shows (I probably have a ton more I can't think of right now) :

The Walking Dead
One Tree Hill
Grey's Anatomy
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Doctor Who 
How I Met Your Mother
Pretty Little Liars
Once Upon a Time
American Horror Story.

I probably took some of Jenn's, but oh well. Any other great shows that are binge worthy? (yes yes you did ) 

Here are Jenn's Thoughts:

My current one is Veronica Mars... this all started with reading a veronica mars book and I loved it I have  never seen the show so I tried it out and I was hooked. unfortunately it has only 3 seasons. Crying yes I am. So I am on the third season and I am going really slow.

Unlike Ash I binge watch on my DVR instead of Netflix. I love to read as we all know, so my shows tend to stack up on my DVR. So I take a weekend and watch a show that has about 5 or 6 shows stacked up. Just did this with The Whisperers and Wayward Pines. I don't  have many shows I regularly binge on. I like to find new ones if I don't have them stacked on my DVR. Shows I haven't ever seen but have always wanted too. Or shows that I missed out on in the latest seasons. Like Vampire Diaries. That will be my next binge. 

My comfort Binge is Friends and Big Bang Theory, and Charmed. I have binged on on 24 and that one is so much better on binge then on live TV. 

when I binge, I like to take breaks and sometimes read but when Ash binges... you can't tear her away. Its a really sad thing to watch really. It's a mess.

So do you binge watch? what do you binge watch?



  1. I just finished all 7 seasons of Sons of Anarchy and I don't know what to do with myself...except to start watching Bloodline.
    I might add some from your list to my queue!

    trish - tales from trish

  2. YES. ONE TREE HILL, BUFFY, ANGEL, SUPERNATURAL, PRETTY LITTLE LIARS, FRIENDS and ONCE UPON A TIME are definitely binge worthy. I started One Tree Hill on its 5th series, so binge watched the first four. Watched Buffy, Angel and Supernatural episode by episode when they came out, but regularly binge watch all the seasons. ;) Pretty Little Liars I used to watch episode by episode (back in Season 1 & 2) then I learned my lesson and wait until the whole season is done so binge watch them then. A friend didn’t get me onto Once Upon a Time until Season 3, so binge watched the first two season in two weeks, she was proud, haha. Friends was done by the time I decided to watch it, so binge watched all the glorious.
    AND JENN OH MY GOD, VERONICA MARS. YES. I was so sad when it was cancelled. Seriously. I just. IT WAS ONE OF THE BEST SHOWS ON TV. I mean, yay for the fix with the Movie and then the fix with the books but I NEED MORE AND CHARMED. That was my favourite show (still is one of them, haven’t watched it for a while, so think I’ll have to have a binge rewatch soon.)
    I mostly binge watch now, wait for seasons to finish, or at least halfway through a season before I catch up on it. Right now, I’m rewatching Haven and Warehouse 13.

  3. I am a binge watching junkie! I have binge watched Friends and Buffy a million times now. The Walking Dead is a great binge watching series! I just recently started watching the horrible but good show Gossip Girl. It is addicting! Picking the next show after you finish one is the hardest. The hardest!


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