Thursday, April 30, 2015

Thoughts on Thursday#5- Let's Discuss Disney

This will be the first discussion with Jenn and Ash..... Curious on how it will go...( curiouser and curiouser) 

Ash picked the topic this week and she wants to discuss Disney. (YAY) I am sure the main reason.... Disney on the brain with an almost 2 year old in the house..... just so you can get a visual here is our cute little guy....(MY cute little guy) (HEY he lives in my house he ours) we see lots of Disney.

This almost 2 year watches lots of Disney... all the time. Just like his Momma, who also watched a lot of Disney...and still does... Let's compare their favorites 

Here were Ash's (at about the same age as Finn is now)

the lion king animated GIF

Here are Finn's 

Just for fun... My all time favorite.

What is it about Disney that makes the movies so great, entertaining, fun. I can only answer for my Finding Nemo..It's just too funny. (No matter how times we watch it , we always crack up) I need Dory in my life. (me too) I would always be happy.

I think there were some really good ones in the past and there are some really good ones out now. I like how Disney is full of all kinds of feels... laughs, cries, love, loss... they cover so much and many times in the end... a lesson learned and warm happy fuzzy feelings. That is why I love Disney... (D'AWE)

What say you Ash?

Well jeeze, I think you just about covered it Jenn. I used to love Frozen, and Big Hero 6. Now we watch it about 10 times a day, every day. Still great movies, but come on. (It does get old Quick)

 There is a few Disney movies I really love, Bolt, Brave, Mulan, Nightmare before Christmas, Tarzan

And my all time favorite....

Alice in Wonderland

Of course I love anything Tim Burton, (He does rock) but Alice is one of my favorite stories no matter how it's told. I love retellings, and the Disney versions, and well,just about anything. Hatter and Cheshire are my favorites. (I am partial the white rabbit. I think the our favorites match our personality... White rabbit.. always late, a little spastic, likes watches... and Chesire and Hatter... crazy with a bit of dark and twisted. hehehe) 

Jenn says I should talk about the older Disney movies vs. the newer Disney movies. (Merely Suggested) I can't really say I like one over the other.They are just different. I love all the classics, okay.. Most of the classics. And I can't really say that the new Disney movies are getting better or worse. Just different.. 

Let's just say I really love Disney. That is all. (Seriously, she squeals like a fan girl when she sees the Disney Store)


  1. I LOVE Disney movies. I watched them as a kid and I continue to watch them all the time as an adult. Every year my husband buys me a couple of Disney moves to add to our collection since the ones I grew up with were all VHS. It is a great tradition. This year I got all the Toy Story movies and Cinderella.

    You both picked out some great Disney favorites. (Are there any bad ones?) I think I should do a Disney Love post sometime soon. Anyway... some of my favorites are Tangled, Finding Nemo, Beauty and the Beast, and Big Hero Six.

  2. I loved Big Hero 6 (although I was not mentally prepared for sadness to happen!!). I also feel your pain at watching movies over and over again. When my son was a toddler we watched Cars and Wall-E everyday all day. I don't even think I could pick a fave, there are so many good ones! I always liked Aladdin and Toy Story.

  3. I love Disney so much! Baymax is my current fave!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings


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