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Thoughts for Thursday: Neverland vs. Wonderland

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As we all know, I absolutely love Alice in wonderland, and Peter Pan. But the question I get asked quite often, is which would I rather live in, Wonderland, or Neverland? This is actually a pretty great question, because there is pros and cons for both.

Honestly.... I don't think I would  pick either. There are just too many cons.... but I will play along.

First I will talk about the pros and cons for Wonderland.

Pro- Cheshire
. Chessy is my absolute favorite. Not only is he a cat, but he’s a mischievous, funny, and kind of creepy cat.  THAT YOU CAN TALK TO. Who wouldn’t want to talk to him? Now, depending on if we are talking Tim Burton’s Alice, or the classic Disney Alice, or the even more classic Louis Carrol Alice, depends on the version of Chessy. My personal favorite is Tim Burton’s Cheshire. He’s blue and grey. Two of my favorite colors, and slightly darker. Not that the very fluffy and adorable Disney version isn’t great, don’t get me wrong. But I just love Tim Burton.

Cheshire is a bit too creepy for me in Tim Burton's version. I actually love the Disney fluffy, purple and pink Cheshire. I think having a cute fluffy cat to talk to would be pretty cool.... Still not convinced though. He is still pretty creep and a bit dishonest. Kind of hard to trust you know. Not to mention I don't like to have friends that can disappear (literally) and stalk me. 

Con- The queen of hearts. I don’t know about y’all, but I would really like to keep my head where it is.

This is a real con for me. Talk about pretty evil and crazy! She is so totally crazy and this con kind of beats out all pros to me. Crazy stalker mad evil queen all the time. No thanks! 

Pro- Being able to grow and shrink on command.. sort of. Just be careful what you eat or drink. Of course, if I were in Wonderland, I don’t think I would eat cookies that I randomly find, whether they say “eat me” or not. No thank you, it could be a trap. But let me tell you, how much I would love to be able to grow, when my dad leaves something on the top shelf of the pantry, and I’m home alone. I’m just saying.

Okay growing or shrinking could have their advantages. I do know what its like to be little and I would love to grow when needed. Which is almost all the time. Although I would get fatter if i had to drink or eat every time I wanted to change size. Lots of calories.

Con- Epic confusion pretty much all of the time. I’m pretty sure that even with living in Wonderland, I would be confused about 90% of the time, as things seem to always be changing.

Well confusion isn't always that bad. I live that way about 70 percent of the time now. Although it can get annoying. So yes its still a con... but not as much of a con as the Queen of hearts. 
Pro- Never a dull moment. Ever.

No never a dull moment of for sure. But don't you want your downtime. I mean its good to have a nice quiet evening to go home to every now and again. 
Pro- I kind of ran out of cons. So here’s another pro. Mad Hatter. Especially if it’s Johnny Depp. Though I think I would keep him in any form. I have always had a fondness for the Hatter. He just owns my heart.

Okay Johnny Depp would just win it for me. If I can have Johnny Depp Mad Hatter I am in. For sure.  He brings the tea too so that is kind of cool.


And now for the pros and cons for Neverland.

This should be fun. Have to say never thought about living in Neverland with a bunch of little lost boys who never do grow up and a crazy murderous pirate captain. 
Pro- Never growing up. I know some people will say this is a con. But really, we live in the real world, where growing up and being an adult means all kinds of responsibilities and working 40 hour work weeks and a lot of epic disappointment. I don’t know about y’all but I would gladly go back to when my biggest concern was cartoons and trying to remember how to spell.

Okay well this can be a pro. If you don't want responsibilities... but I kind of like knowing I can make good decisions and I also like having my mom around. Being a kid wasn't always fun. The no responsibilities is cool though. Oh and not having to work everyday.... that sounds good too. Remember though in Neverland there are no cartoons. You still have to stay alive too. You have to forge and steal and stuff. 

Con- Smee and Captain Hook. More annoying than scary, but still.

Well sometimes annoying and others just plain scary. No thank you. Although I think the Queen of Hearts is much scary and more crazy. Of course if he looked like this.... I would have no problem staying in Neverland ....

Pro- I’m still on the never growing up and no responsibilities kick. Though, I’m hoping if I go to Neverland now, that Peter might actually be my age. Because, let me tell you, when I was little I had the biggest crush on him.

Con- Well, I'd be surrounded by stinky little boys. I already have one of those, I don't need more!

Yup this one takes the cake huh. Stinky boys no mother. Needy and annoying. Yes that is the deciding factor. 

So I will stay right here. No Neverland or Wonderland for me thank you. I enjoy just watching the too worlds. 

My favorites of course.... Tim Burton's Wonderland would have to win on the fun factor and Once Upon a Time on the Neverland only because of 


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  1. I would TOTALLY pick Neverland. YAY to never growing up (or aging any further at least!!)... but I'd like to make sure that Hook is the Hook from OUAT, that would totally seal the deal :)


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