Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Teaser Tuesday #94 and Top Ten Tuesday #84

Teaser Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by Should Be Reading. Bloggers choose two
sentences out of our current read to peak others' curiosity.

Fire & Flood (Fire & Flood, #1)

Fire and Flood by Victoria Scott

  A modern day thrill ride, where a teen girl and her animal companion must participate in a breathtaking race to save her brother's life—and her own.

Tella Holloway is losing it. Her brother is sick, and when a dozen doctors can't determine what's wrong, her parents decide to move to Montana for the fresh air. She's lost her friends, her parents are driving her crazy, her brother is dying—and she's helpless to change anything.
Until she receives mysterious instructions on how to become a Contender in the Brimstone Bleed. It's an epic race across jungle, desert, ocean, and mountain that could win her the prize she desperately desires: the Cure for her brother's illness. But all the Contenders are after the Cure for people they love, and there's no guarantee that Tella (or any of them) will survive the race.
The jungle is terrifying, the clock is ticking, and Tella knows she can't trust the allies she makes. And one big question emerges: Why have so many fallen sick in the first place?
Teaser: Crossing the room, I keep an eye on the smoke as my scalp tingles with nerves. I start to imagine my house catching on fire. 

Top Ten is an original feature/weekly meme created here at
The Broke and the Bookish that features a great bookish top ten every week.

My Top Ten Books That Make Me Swoon-

I really can't narrow it down to top ten, these are just a few.

Caterpillar (The Metamorphosis Trilogy, #1)EasyUnearthly (Unearthly, #1)
Radiant Shadows (Wicked Lovely, #4)Pushing the Limits (Pushing the Limits, #1)FangirlOf Poseidon (The Syrena Legacy, #1)Finnikin of the Rock (Lumatere Chronicles, #1)Froi of the Exiles (Lumatere Chronicles, #2)
Ink Exchange (Wicked Lovely, #2)Fragile Eternity (Wicked Lovely, #3)


  1. Of Poseidon is definitely a good choice. <3 Galen!!

    TTT @ Krista's Dust Jacket

  2. Pushing the Limits is SO on my list... and I'm really disappointed in myself that I forgot Fangirl. Levi is totally swoon-worthy!! Unearthly and Easy both look like they have great guys in them, and I've been wanting to read both for a WHILE now!! Cool list :)

    My TTT

  3. Great teaser!
    Oh I love Fangirl so happy to see it made your list!
    My Teaser

  4. Ooh nice tease! So loved that book! Took me by surprise too since I wasn't too much of a Tella fan in those first few chapters. But by the end I loved her! Great teaser!!! Hope you are enjoying it too!

    And nice list!! I liked Melissa's Wicked Lovely series! It was different, yet fun! Feels like forever since I read Unearthly and Of Poseidon, so I can't recall how much "swooning" I did! ;) Did remember enjoying them though! Especially after things started to pick up with Tucker in Unearthly. Never did finish that series...might have to get those books, reread 1 and 2 and the novella 2.5 and then read book 3 to see how it all ended! Read the books as ARCs and Netgalley never got book 3.

    Here's my Tuesday post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)


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